What is PRIMA Cinema?
PRIMA Cinema is the world’s first and only company to deliver theatrically released Hollywood films directly to approved private home theaters. PRIMA Cinema works directly with Hollywood studios to securely deliver films to PRIMA Cinema Movie Players.

Where is PRIMA Cinema available?
PRIMA Cinema currently is available only in the continental United States and is purchased through a PRIMA Cinema Authorized Dealer.

Where can potential Clients purchase the PRIMA Cinema System ?
The PRIMA Cinema system can only be purchased through and installed by trained PRIMA Cinema Authorized Dealers. In order to find an Authorized Dealer near you, use the Dealer locator found on our website , or reach out to us directly at 855.774.6212 and Client Services will assist you.

Where can the PRIMA Cinema system be installed?
The PRIMA Cinema system may only be installed in an approved Client’s private home theater. PRIMA Cinema is only intended for private, residential, non-commercial use.

What films are available on PRIMA Cinema?
The current schedule of Films Now Showing and Coming Soon can be found on our website on the Films page.

Does PRIMA Cinema support 3D Films?

How long is a film viewing period?
Clients may transact to watch a Film for one full viewing in a 24 hour window. An additional transaction is required for each additional viewing.

When are films available on PRIMA Cinema?
PRIMA Cinema strives to bring Films to our Clients as they are released to the general public. However, the initial availability of some Films may be delayed due to technical, licensing, creative reasons, or other reasons outside our control. Films reside on your PRIMA Cinema Movie Player during the theatrical release windows, which can vary for each Film.

How does the PRIMA Cinema System work?
With PRIMA Cinema’s proprietary system, encrypted Films are continuously and securely delivered over the Internet and stored locally on your PRIMA Cinema Movie Player, allowing for instant playback and no streaming or buffering during your viewing. In order to begin a Film viewing, an enrolled PRIMA Client just swipes his or her finger on the PRIMA Cinema Fingerprint Reader.

Is PRIMA Cinema compatible with your existing private home theater equipment?
Yes. The PRIMA Cinema Movie Player outputs audio and video over HDMI, and will interface directly with virtually all modern home projectors, audio receivers, and processors.

Is a high speed broadband connection required?
Yes. Speed of at least 10Mbs is recommended, while 20Mbs or higher provides the best solution. Commercial grade internet is preferred.

Is a static IP address required?
Yes. A static IP address is a security feature that ensures constant communications between the PRIMA Cinema Movie Player and PRIMA Cinema.